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Fall 2019 Kick-Off Newsletter

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter! Whether you are here out of interest or because you are a current/former member, we welcome you!


Fall 2019 started out strong with our first member meeting on Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selection. With guest speaker Michelle Cook from Cornerstone here in Lubbock. She had amazing insights on how Cornerstone and her department tackled everyday issues around the topic of the meeting. She also provided our members tips on how to navigate the process on the other side as job candidates. Our members were able to ask questions and build their understanding into the current industry.

Our second meeting featured guest speaker Jeremy Arriaga from X-FAB, and discussed Entry-Level Positions. He was able to provide our student members with valuable information on what to expect, how to navigate the process of applying for jobs, and what his department looks for in valuable candidates.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming newsletters!

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