About Tech SHRM

Our Mission

To stimulate interest in the field of Human Resources (HR) and to provide assistance in developing our members’ careers in business.

OUR Goal

To create an environment that fosters network development, to provide leadership opportunities, and establish and support standards of excellence in Human Resource Management.

Meet our Executive team

Abbie Stewart 


Hometown:   Allen, Texas 

Major:   Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources

Campus Involvement:   

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women

Why I joined Tech SHRM: I joined SHRM for networking opportunities within the Lubbock HR community, as well as to further my education in the field of Human Resources. I am thankful for the leadership experience, connections, and professional experience I have made throughout my time in Tech SHRM.

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: My favorite thing about Tech SHRM is the year-long internship experience I obtained through my membership. This unique position was only advertised to students in Tech SHRM, and the experience I have gained has helped me in interviews and applying to other jobs.

Contact: abigail.stewart@ttu.edu 

Alexia Saenz

Senior VP of Internal Operations

Hometown: Grapevine, Texas 

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources 

Campus Involvement: Golf Club President 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: To gain more connections within HR and better prepare myself for the workplace

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: Being able to hear real-life examples and learning how to grow within my own professional career 

Contact: alexia.saenz@ttu.edu 

Madison Clinkscales

VP of Public Relations

Hometown: Grand Haven, MI 

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources 

Campus Involvement: VP of PR for Tech SHRM

Why I joined Tech SHRM: To grow as a person both in academics and extracurriculars 

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: The ability to share a common interest amongst a group that wants to improve the professional world 

Contact: madison.clinkscales@ttu.edu 

Jenna Mawby

Senior VP of External Affairs

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas   

Major: Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management 

Other Involvement: Member of National Society for Collegiate Scholars

Why I joined Tech SHRM: I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know new people as well as broaden my knowledge and experience within HR

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: Meeting new people and getting to know more about what the program can do for me long term.

Contact: jenna.mawby@ttu.ed

Lauren Yantis

VP of Engagment 

Hometown: Austin, Texas 

Major: Supply Chain Management Human Development Family Sciences 

Minor: Human Resource Development

Campus Involvement: VP of Engagement of SHRM, Member of Delta Gamma Xi chapter, Community Service Chair for Network of Enlightened Women 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: I joined Tech SHRM as a way to learn more about the field of Human Resources and have more opportunities to network with fellow students and HR professionals.

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: My favorite thing about Tech SHRM is all of the knowledge and skills I've gained on topics such as interviews, resumes, and recruiting from our amazing guest speakers.

Contact: lyantis711@gmail.com

Hannah Hill 

VP of Finance 

Hometown: Tyler, Texas   

Major: Advertising

Campus Involvement: VP of Finance for Tech SHRM, an active member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: To expand my knowledge and network within the HR community.

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: To network and connect with people in the HR industry and hear first hand their experiences 

Contact: hannah.k.hill@ttu.edu

Brynn Kruse

VP of Administration 

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas 

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources 

Campus Involvement: VP of Alumni Relations for Tech SHRM and Media Coordinator for Sigma Iota Epsilon 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: To learn more about HR and get connected. To improve my knowledge and skills to better prepare for my professional career. 

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: Connecting with different students who share a common interest with varying backgrounds. 

Contact: brynn.kruse@ttu.edu

Feruzan Irani Williams

Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Human Resource Management Program and the Rawls Summer Business Institute at the Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University.  She teaches and does research in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.  Her specific areas of research interest include emotional labor and stress, leadership, training and performance appraisals, and workplace aggression and counterproductive behaviors, with a special emphasis on the struggles faced by women. 


Dr. Irani Williams is passionate about working with, and mentoring, students and student organizations and thoroughly enjoys her current role as the Faculty Advisor for Tech Society for Human Resource Management.  She is also actively involved in fostering community relationships, especially with the Lubbock Society for Human Resource Management.