About Tech SHRM

Our Mission

To stimulate interest in the field of Human Resources (HR) and to provide assistance in developing our members’ careers in business.

OUR Goal

To create an environment that fosters network development, to provide leadership opportunities, and establish and support standards of excellence in Human Resource Management.

Meet our Executive team

Maggie Sather 



Amarillo, Texas 


MBA Graduate Student

Campus Involvement:   

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, Rawls Ambassadors, Mortar Board Top 50 Seniors.

Why I joined Tech SHRM: I joined SHRM for networking opportunities within the Lubbock HR community, as well as to further my education about the field of Human Resources. I am thankful for the leadership experience, connections, and professional experience I have made throughout my time in Tech SHRM.

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: My favorite ting about Tech SHRM is the year-long internship experience I obtained through my membership. This unique position was only advertised to students in Tech SHRM, and the experience I have gained has helped me in interviews and applying to other jobs.

Contact: maggie.sather@ttu.edu 

Abbie Stewart 

Senior VP of Internal Operations

Hometown: Allen, Texas 

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources 

Campus Involvement: VP of Risk Management for Pi Beta Phi

Why I joined Tech SHRM: To get more exposure in HR

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: The unique opportunity to learn HR skills and to connect to HR professionals

Contact: abigail.stewart@ttu.edu 

Chanel Rodarte  

VP of Public Relations

Hometown: Aztec, New Mexico  

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources 

Campus Involvement: I am also the Director of Community Service for Texas Tech Marketing Association. 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: I joined Tech SHRM to get to know my peers that were also involved in the same degree path as I am. It gives me a great outlet to collaborate for classes. 

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: My favorite part about Tech SHRM has been the involvement that we are allowed to take part in with the local chapters and national SHRM. The Lubbock SHRM luncheons give me a chance to learn what is currently going on in the industry and learn things I would have not had the opportunity to otherwise. 

Contact: chanel.rodarte@ttu.edu 

Karmen Ramirez 

VP of Finance 

Hometown: Dallas, Texas   

Major: Masters in Accounting 

Campus Involvement: Hispanic Student Society, Accounting Leadership Council, and the Global Techsan Program. 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: To learn about HR. 

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: Meeting people. 

Contact: karmen.ramirez@ttu.edu 

Mikayla Feeler

Senior VP of External Affairs

Hometown: San Angelo, Texas   

Major: Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management 

Senior May 2020  

Other Involvement:   After graduation, I will be attending Texas A&M for my Masters in Human Resource Management

Why I joined Tech SHRM:I joined Tech SHRM in the Spring of 2019 to build connections with other Human Resources students and become more involved with the industry. I believe that Tech SHRM can grow your business network and connect you with other Human Resource professionals that can help you even after graduation

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: Being able to inspire others and help them find an interest in HR has been just as rewarding for me as it has been for others. 

Contact: mikayla.feeler@ttu.edu 

Gabby Elliott

VP of Engagment 

Hometown: Georgetown, Texas 

Major: Supply Chain Management 

Campus Involvement: Scovell Business Leadership Program, Rawls Dean's Student Council, Multicultural Student Business Association, and the Tech Supply Chain Association.  

Why I joined Tech SHRM: I joined Tech SHRM as a way to learn more about the field of Human Resources and have more opportunities to network with fellow students and HR professionals.

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: My favorite thing about Tech SHRM is all of the knowledge and skills I've gained on topics such as interviews, resumes, and recruiting from our amazing guest speakers.

Contact: gabby.elliott@ttu.edu 

Jake Speed 

VP of Administration 

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas 

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources 

Why I joined Tech SHRM: Networking Opportunities 

Favorite Thing about Tech SHRM: Industry Tours

Contact: jake.speed@ttu.edu 

Feruzan Irani Williams

Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Human Resource Management Program and the Rawls Summer Business Institute at the Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University.  She teaches and does research in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.  Her specific areas of research interest include emotional labor and stress, leadership, training and performance appraisals, and workplace aggression and counterproductive behaviors, with a special emphasis on the struggles faced by women. 


Dr. Irani Williams is passionate about working with, and mentoring, students and student organizations and thoroughly enjoys her current role as the Faculty Advisor for Tech Society for Human Resource Management.  She is also actively involved in fostering community relationships, especially with the Lubbock Society for Human Resource Management.

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